Our Mission

We change lives. We provide life-changing experiences, strength and tools to live and to recover for seriously ill children and their families. All of these are free. We believe that the sun always shines above the clouds.

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How we help

We give back the lost childhood to our campers.
With the help of therapeutic recreation
they get new experiences,
extend their boundaries in an all safe environment,
and as a consequence,
they gather strength to fight against their illness.
This altogether greaten their faith in healing.


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How you can help

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It’s always a pleasure to donate. If you agree you’ll certainly find the best way to help send children affected by chronic diseases and their families to camp.

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It’s better to give than to receive. Those who were given a hand in a difficult situation know this best. If you have already felt this way, give back to the world all the good that rests in you. Be an example, change lives and set your volunteer work as an example for the future generations!

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Bátor Tábor is a place where you can put down the backpack that life has given to you. A whole set of volunteers do their best to make the campers smile all the time. Campers realize they are not alone. This is all about them. During the many-many programs it turns out that every camper can leave their distress behind; they become more self-assured.

I noticed several positive changes about my daughter immediately after the camp. For example, she had much more confidence than ever before. She gained experience in things she would not even dare to try before.  I respect the volunteers so much, who encouraged my Lili to face seemingly difficult challenges, making sure that she reaches success, making her all “smilie”and stong. She just cannot stop talking about the volunteers…

The land of fairies' is right next to a small town in Hungary, called Hatvan. It is full of ANGELS whom we will call Cimboras from now on. However, we all know that doctors and nurses, teachers, conscientious experts and volunteers are behind the clown's hat and the funny costumes.

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