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Those who enter here will arrive into wonderland. Join us for a virtual walk to get a glimpse of what awaits you.

9208This is where you’re going to stay, in one of the seven cottages for 14, in one of the two five-bed rooms. One thing is certain: you’ll love it!


Besides the offices and storage rooms in the Bátor Tábor central building, there is a dining hall for 160 people, where delicacies are prepared according to a special diet. And, while you’re eating your food, you’ll have a perfect view of the most adventurous site of your life from this glass-walled cafeteria.

IMG_7920_v1This is our colourful medical building set amidst flowers, with an examination room and a medicine room, a waiting room, and quiet rooms with extremely friendly volunteer doctors and nurses. Have you ever seen a nicer clinic than this?

PanP1200683-86jpgThese colourful houses, with room for 70 volunteers, are the headquarters of the Cimbis. Here, from these points, our volunteers set out day by day to lead you into all sorts of new adventures.


In our Western-style horse-riding-hall our campers can get to know what the wild wild west looked like. Well-trained cimboras and two super benign horses accompany them on their expedition.

IMG_2759This is the ultimate one! Keep your head in the clouds on the wire rope grid built from 15 12-metre-high wooden poles. Did you know that this is one of the few high ropes courses that can be safely used even by people in wheelchairs?


Our archery field takes place in the woods where our campers can learn the crafts of archery.


Two little houses stand by our private lake. This is where the campers become canoeing champions with a little help from their Cimboras.

rejtekerdo_hazikoThe campsite of Bátor Tábor is surrounded by a beautiful wooden area where our MagicWoods program takes place.