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Mobile plan

Join the Bátor Tábor Hungarian mobile plan! Plan members can call each other for free. Additionally, Telenor supports Bátor Tábor with a HUF 900 monthly donation for each subscriber.

We are pleased that you would like to join the Bátor Tábor mobile plan.


How to apply to the plan?

1.  Please complete our online form (available only in Hungary). You will shortly receive from us an original authorization form

2. Visit any Telenor store or business partner with the forms. If you would like to transfer your existing contract (and number), you should initiate the transfer at your current service provider first.

3. For the entry transcription, the following documents are required: Identification card (or the new type of driver’s licence or a valid passport) and address card

For details and related terms and conditions, please click here.

More information

Please note, that all forms are available in Hungarain only.