Funding Opportunities


If you purchase fuel with prepaid MOL Bátor Tábor Green Cards at MOL fuel stations in Hungary, you will support Bátor Tábor with HUF 5 per litre! We will inform you about the total amount of your aid annually. Read more here.


The benefits of the Bátor Tábor Green Card

  • A HUF 5 per litre donation to the Bátor Tábor Foundation with every fuel purchase
  • Available for businesses and individuals
  • The cardholder receives a monthly summary invoice about its uses
  • A card that can be used free of charge without annual or transaction fees
  • Free card blocking and new card application (tel.: +36 40 202 202)
  • Individually set limits: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • One customer can apply for more than one card
  • It is possible to restrict the product ranges available for purchase with the cards to certain products and services
  • Use of VCC (Virtual Card Centre)


How does the MOL Bátor Tábor Green Card work and how can I support Bátor Tábor by using it?

The MOL Bátor Tábor Green Card is a prepaid rechargeable fuel card.  As a cardholder, you can use the balance on the card to buy fuel, filling station services and shop products at designated MOL filling stations in Hungary. At the station you will pay the displayed price of the petrol, but Bátor Tábor will receive HUF 5 for every litre of petrol purchased.


How to apply for a card

You can apply for a card by completing the application form. Please note, that the application form is available in Hungarian only.

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