Funding Opportunities


You can support Bátor Tábor with in-kind donations instead of cash. Choose something from our wish list or contact us via email.

CURRENTLY we would be very grateful to receive the following things:

  • steam cleaner
  • paddles
  • life jackets
  • LED candles
  • harnesses: saddle, tread, stirrup, strap

Items that we are AWAYS very grateful for:

  • technical equipments: torches, rechargeable AA (pencil) batteries and chargers, E14 bulbs (40W), kettles, hairdryers
  • stationery: laminating foils, A4 colour papers, etiquette stickers, glue, post-its, blue tack, scissors clipboards, pens
  • arts&crafts equipments: A4 decorating rubber, A2 colour cardboards, yarn (multiple colours), safety pins
  • foodstuff: brown sugar, wholemeal flour and other bio ingredients, long-life milk, long-life lactose free milk, honey
  • plastic cups (various size)
  • hygiene: toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, baby wipes, combs (packed)
  • table tennis balls, table soccer balls
  • bows, arrows