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It is better to give than receive. This motto is known by all those who have received assistance under difficult circumstances. If you are familiar with the feeling yourself, let our campers experience all the good you have inside you. Offer it, set an example, change lives, and make your volunteer job an example for future generations to follow!

Give as much of yourself as you can and ask yourself where you would be able to make your mark the best!


Do you have a lot of free time? Join us and become a camp volunteer, a Cimbora! If you apply here, you can help us during our summer camps.
Please note, that for the majority of our camp sessions you need to speak Hungarian. The only exception is the international kids session where English is required.


If you do not have an excess of free time, but you don’t mind office work that is frequently monotonous, join us and become an Express Cimbora (one day volunteer)! Help us with administration, translating and updating our website, or packing and delivering our procurement materials.

Save the Date!

Application to volunteering in Summer Sessions starts on 01.01.2020.