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Why is it so amazing to be part of the Bátor Tábor volunteer community?


Being a Bátor Tábor volunteer is an adventure that you will remember in your whole life. We organise therapeutic recreation camps for seriously ill children (mainly with oncological disease) in Hungary to give them life-changing experience. In the meantime the lives of our volunteers might change too. In the camp volunteers are called Cimboras meaning friend/buddy in Hungarian. They become part of a vibrant community where about 100 people from different background work together for the same goal. This make them learn a lot about themselves, about their own boundaries, and just like our campers they realise that they are heroes. This is how we change the world together.
Read Böbe’s experience how Bátor Tábor transformed her life and what she learned in the camp.

Scroll down to learn more on how to become a Cimbora. Who are we looking for; how and when can you apply and to which volunteer positions?

Due to the uncertain situation with the coronavirus all around the world, Bátor Tábor Foundation had to cancel this session this summer.
International session for Polish campers aged 7-18 with oncological disease – dates for volunteers: 13-22 August 2020

Work language of this session is English among volunteers. For this reason a strong conversational level of English language is a must.

Volunteer application period: 1 January – 9 February 2020


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Interested in the Hungarian sessions? Switch the language of the page, and learn more in the Önkéntesség  / Tábori önkéntesség menu.

Registration and application

First of all, you need to register in our new volunteer database, even if you are a returning volunteer before 2019. Fill out your profile, and upload an up-to-date CV and a photo of you. You will also need a reference – you can reach our reference template here. The reference can be filled out by anyone (except for close relatives) who knows you well and is able to give an objective picture of your skills and competencies. We ask about the skills that you need to have in the camp and after the session these will be considered in your volunteer evaluation, as well.

Once you have uploaded the necessary documents, go to Applications to generate the application form. This will be sent out to your email address. Take reasonable amount of time to fill in this questionnaire because your answers won’t be saved in case you are interrupted. There are questions which require lengthy answers, as we wish to get to know you better and to learn about your experience and motivation.

After the application

If you have not volunteered at Bátor Tábor yet, you will have a 30-40-minute-long video call interview (via Skype/Messenger/WhatsApp) with us in English between 20 February – 20 March. You do not need to prepare for this, just be yourself. We will notify you about the result by the end of April.

If you are a new volunteer and have been selected, you need to take part in a compulsory online training in the beginning of August and another preparation training at the camp in Hatvan, Hungary, on 12th August. Trainings for returning volunteers are not compulsory.


Bátor Tábor volunteers at the camp are called Cimboras which means friend/buddy in Hungarian. There are Cottage, Programme, Interpreter and Medical Cimboras within one session. Each of them are trained to do their own specific job and they keep their positions throughout the camp.

Here you can read more about their duties in the camp.

Cottage Cimboras

They are like nannies (male and female) who always move together with the children. They sleep in the same cottage as the campers and help the little ones with their daily routine from brushing teeth in the morning all the way until the lights are turned off at night. They are present at the programmes with their group, inspire and encourage them, nurture their souls, smoothen conflicts and deal with homesickness. Cottage Cimboras are the ones who know the most what our campers dream of as they spend the most time with them.

There are usually 10 campers and 4-5 Cottage Cimboras in one cottage. This position is open to anyone without previous experience.

Programme Cimboras

During the day they lead group programmes according to their positions: such as horse riding, archery, canoeing/ fishing, arts and crafts, high-ropes, team building, logical games, circus or secret forces. In the evenings, they dress up in costumes and continue organising exciting games and events like camp fire, camp opening show and party. They are the ones who witness the campers’ success at first hand and give reflection on their achievements, e.g. when somebody sits on a horse for the first time in his/her life.

Please note that most Programme Cimbora positions require previous experience at Bátor Tábor and special trainings before the camp in Hungary.

For this reason, non-Hungarian speakers are not able to apply for these positions at all: high-rope course, archery, horse riding, canoeing/fishing.

The rest of the Programme Cimbora positions still require previous experience but could be open for new volunteers. Please indicate in your application form if you have experience in these fields: circus, team building, arts and craft, logical games, secret forces and photography.

Medical Cimboras

They are the invisible heroes of the camp. In their civic lives they work with ill children in hospitals – they are doctors, nurses, dieticians and physical therapists who turn to Cimboras in the camp. They support the campers with their medical knowledge providing a physically safe environment for them: giving medicines on time, the needed treatments and attention. They are invisible but still participating in every adventure, taking part in the exciting moments of the camp. If they have time they play with campers, chat with them, dress into costumes like the other Cimboras while also providing an invisible safety net.

We are looking for Medical Cimboras from Poland who speak English fluently. For learning more switch the language of this website to Polish.

Interpreter Cimboras

They are our helpers during the international English-speaking camp. They are not professional interpreters, but volunteers who speak the work language of the session, English and the language of the campers, Polish fluently and they help with the translation of programmes and tasks. They are at the cottages, at meals, at activities and take care of the easy communication among the campers and the other volunteers.

Learn more about Polish-English Interpreter Cimboras by switching the language of the site Polish.

Having questions? Write to Zsuzsi Péczeli in English: zs.peczeli@batortabor.hu

Daily routine of a Cottage, Programme and Interpreter Cimbora

Check out how an ordinary day looks like for a Cottage, Programme and Interpreter Cimbora:

You have to know that we will never put you into deep water. There is no such a situation in the camp that you as a new volunteer should be entirely responsible for. Returning volunteers will be always there for you, answering your questions, and supporting and guiding you in the complex structure of the daily life of the camp.


Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to be a volunteer who is over 20 years old. For the 2020 session, it means that you can apply if you were born before 31 December 1999. Speaking strong communicational level of English knowledge is a must in this session.

When can you apply?

Volunteer application period is between 1 January – 9 February 2020.

How can you apply?

You can apply through our volunteer database. Here you need to register, create a profile, then upload an English CV, a photo of you and a reference. After this you need to fill in the application form sent to your email address.

How much time a summer session requires from me?

For volunteers the summer session requires 10 days (13-22 August 2020). This means 2 preparations days before the kids arrive and one closing day after the kids have left for home. For volunteers participating in these 10 full days is compulsory, in order to keep the consistency of the session and the programme you must not miss any day. Please count with one extra training day (12 August) if you are a new volunteer, it makes it 11 days for you then at the camp.

I don’t have much experience with children. Can I still apply?

You do not need any previous experience with children to become a volunteer, however it could be an advantage. The most important thing is that you treat our campers to the values of the camp, that you are able to give your full attention to them while giving empowering reflections and that you also enjoy yourself.

When is the international summer session in Hungary?

Due to the uncertain situation with the coronavirus all around the world, Bátor Tábor Foundation had to cancel this session this summer.

Requirement for volunteers in this session: strong communicational level of English language

What medical knowledge a BátorTábor volunteer needs?

Throughout the whole session the medical volunteers are there for us: doctors, nurses, dieticians and physical therapists. They are responsible for the physical wellbeing, medication and the right diet of the campers. The maximum task you will be asked for is to escort a camper to the medical building in order to have his/her medication on time. You will hear about the different disorders, diseases and the most important hygienic rules during the preparation trainings. You have no medical responsibility in the camp and you will receive no detailed information about the campers’ diagnosis or current health state other than it is needed to keep them safe.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in English or Hungarian: volunteer@batortabor.hu

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