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Camp Volunteering

Did you know that every brave camper has a volunteer that we call a Cimbora (Hungarian for friend)? They perform at different roles, but what is common in their work is that they work with children and inspire and motivate them. Cimboras are also with them during their adventures as they create their experiences. Choose which task suits you the most!
Please note, that for the majority of our camp sessions you need to speak Hungarian. The only exception is one international session where English is required.

Application to volunteering in International Summer Session starts on 01.01.2020.

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Cottage Cimboras

They always move together with the children. They are present at the programs, inspire, teach games, encourage children, nurture their souls, smoothen conflicts and help with the daily routine from brushing teeth in the morning all the way until the lights are turned off at night.


Program Cimboras

They are the really fun companions! During the day they lead small group programs, such as horse riding, archery, canoeing, fishing, drama, music, photography, arts and crafts, high-ropes or magic woods. In the evening, they tidy make the camp ready for the next day, so that the children can fall asleep with even more experiences ahead on another action-packed day.


Interpreter Cimboras

They are our helpers during the international camps; they speak Polish, Slovak or Czech, and English or Hungarian. They are not professional interpreters, but volunteers who speak the work language of the session and also one of the languages mentioned above fluently and they help with the translation of programs and tasks.

Medical Cimboras

In this category you will find doctors, nurses, dieticians and physical therapists who are also Cimboras. In their everyday lives they work with ill children in hospitals, but here they participate in every adventure. They are part of the camp’s exciting moments, while also providing an invisible safety net.


Chaperone Cimboras

They are very important volunteers for our international sessions, who provide the children with a safe journey to camp and also back home.